RII Hiring Energy Engineer

By September 7, 2020 No Comments

RII is excited to expand our team with a part-time Energy Engineer position; applications are due by September 30th. The Energy Engineer will support our Technical Director and assist our Software Developer with our overhaul to the PowerScore resource benchmarking platform through October and November 2020. Additional scopes of work may be available for future assignment based on fit and performance.

The upgrades to the PowerScore platform will include improvements to our databases of horticultural light fixtures used in cultivation spaces. The major scopes of work to achieve this initiative will be:


  • Enhancing database accuracy for internal PowerScore Qualified Product Library of LED light fixtures for horticultural applications
  • Develop efficient data transfer process with database of third party certified LED lighting equipment and controls products
  • Develop and implement file transfer protocol and API for other external systems to integrate data from platforms like indoor environmental controls and automation systems for lighting and HVAC equipment
  • Create Farm Assessment design tool that includes efficient product suggestions based on desired user-selected light fixture parameters
  • Test database functionality in updated PowerScore platform

If you know qualified candidates for this position, please encourage them to apply. RII is an Equal Opportunity employer and would like to have a diverse pool of applicants to consider for this role.