RII’s LED Lighting Best Practices Guide Illuminates the Way to Lower-Energy Grows


It can be difficult for growers and the design and construction professionals supporting them to navigate how to build and operate efficient and effective lighting systems for cultivation applications. You and your project team may be unsure where to turn for trustworthy guidance on the technical aspects applicable to their facilities and needs.

Resource Innovation Institute is the first organization to put forward third-party and peer reviewed guidance for cultivators and their construction partners by documenting best practices with brand-agnostic recommendations gathered from a pool of subject matter experts across the industry representing dozens of growers, manufacturers, engineers, and professional service providers. 

In our guide LED Lighting for Cannabis Cultivation and Controlled Environment Agriculture, we define common terms, explain them so your team is on the same page, and provide enough detail so that you can communicate effectively with one another as you address energy and resource efficiency in your controlled growing environments.

In the guide, you will learn how to speak the language of horticultural lighting, review manufacturer’s literature, understand crucial considerations when selecting LED lighting, and install and operate successful LED lighting solutions in alignment with your business model.

Today’s LED market is worthy of your consideration. If you tried an LED product several years ago, you may be surprised by the reduced cost, improved quality, and wide variety of available products and approaches each suited to best fit your needs. 

While the marketplace has matured, not all LED light fixtures are created equal, and there are many options for you to choose. In recent years, organizations with deep expertise in lighting technology and quality have begun to certify qualified products to help growers discern products that have met technical performance requirements.

Demand for a variety of lighting solutions and cost compression in cannabis markets have produced new attitudes about LED lighting, as growers consider operational energy and resource efficiency to become a cut above the rest. In some regions, standards and regulations for energy performance have emerged, and cultivators everywhere can benefit from understanding how LED lighting can be a tool for their facility’s compliance and operational success.

Some of the major benefits of using LED lighting in your facility include energy savings, improved maintenance, and greater quality and safety compared to other lighting systems. The best practices guide dives into more detail about each of these benefits and how it can improve outcomes for your plants and the operational efficiency of your facility.

Let RII and our Technical Advisory Council provide recommendations to assist you with achieving the optimal outcomes for your plants, your facility and its equipment, and your energy bills. Download and read HVAC for Cannabis Cultivation and Controlled Environment Agriculture here.