DesignLights Consortium Releases Draft Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements v2.0

RII invites you to provide feedback on the recently released first draft of the DLC Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements V2.0. V2.0 continues the transition from using traditional lighting metrics to using horticultural-specific metrics that better represent horticultural lighting performance, and should increase the quantity and quality of products in the Qualified Products Library

The goals of the changes are to:

  • Increase the minimum efficacy (PPE) threshold to 2.1 μmol/J
    • LED products on the Horticultural QPL would be approximately 40% more energy efficient, on average, than the most efficient legacy products
  • Require UL 8800 for safety certifications
  • Require IES TM-33 files to standardize data reporting for required PPID and SQD information
  • Align with ASABE S640 terminology
  • Introduce a process for family grouping and private labeling of already listed OEM products

Comments should be submitted using the V2.0 comment form to by Tuesday, June 16, 2020.