Resource Innovation Institute

What We Do

The mission of Resource Innovation Institute is to advance resource efficiency to create a better cannabis future. We achieve our mission by focusing our work in three areas: Intelligence, Policy and Education.

Who We Are

RII is a passionate team of multi-disciplinary leaders addressing the opportunity to rapidly transform an entire economic sector as it emerges from an inefficient shadow economy and becomes one of the largest and most resource-efficient regulated sectors in the world.

Our Work


With the Cannabis PowerScore, the world’s largest data set on cannabis energy use, we advise a range of stakeholders about how, how much and what types of energy are used across cultivation methods and geographies. Ultimately, we’re determining the most resource efficient techniques and technologies that result in the highest-quality product at the lowest cost of production. The PowerScore is currently being upgraded to incorporate water and waste calculations.


Throughout the fall of 2018, we facilitated 25 stakeholders in making recommendations to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on how it could adapt its cannabis energy and climate regulations, the first in the world. We are now advising states, provinces and countries as we build a consistent regulatory landscape on natural resources issues to ease the introduction of cannabis in existing and emerging markets globally.


With our Efficient Yields cultivation workshops and our Cultivation Best Practices Guides (coming this year), we convene peer-reviewed best practices dialogues that are shaping the industry standards of the future.

Who We Serve

  • Cultivators & operators

    Whether you’re touching the plant or tracking spreadsheets, we help you assess and improve your operational efficiency. We benchmark your energy and water performance, curate peer-reviewed educational resources and events, validate techniques and technologies, and shape the marketplace so it rewards leaders small and large across a range of cultivation settings.  Join with us

  • Governments & utilities

    From existing to emerging markets, we advise on policies and programs that accelerate resource efficient practices in cultivation operations. Our Utility Working Group enables utilities and their implementation partners to access subject matter experts, pool research dollars and learn from proven approaches in leading regulated markets, from program design to grower outreach. Through our experience shaping the world’s first policy on cannabis energy use in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are knitting together a consistent policy landscape across North America. Finally, we partner with organizations like DesignLights Consortium to validate emerging solutions, inform the marketplace and streamline deployment of incentives.  Contact us.

  • Supply chain & industry leaders

    Through our Cannabis PowerScore benchmarking tool, we enable manufacturers, engineers, architects and contractors to serve their cultivation customers better by identifying data-driven opportunities for efficiency improvements. We expand the market for efficient technologies via policy and education. Through our esteemed Technical Advisory Committee, we facilitate peer-reviewed best practices, validate technologies and techniques, and develop stakeholder-driven standards.  Join with us.

Contact Us

To discuss any of our services, please contact Derek Smith, Executive Director, at