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CEA Accelerator
Technical Advisory Council

Energy Management Working Group

Addressing challenges for energy management in CEA

The purpose of the energy management working group is to collaborate, recommend and advise on advanced strategies in energy management for controlled environment agriculture operations.

The group will focus on addressing challenges and opportunities related to energy management in CEA, including but not limited to strategic energy management (SEM), peak reduction, and demand response.

The working group will focus on addressing challenges and opportunities related to the energy management strategies in CEA, including but not limited to:

  • Strategic energy management to include topics such as low and no cost operational changes and short term capital improvements
  • Peak reduction and demand response to include topics such as load shifting and scheduling
  • Decarbonization & electrification to include topics such as heat pumps and energy storage
  • Distributed generation to include topics such as microgrids and combined heat and power (CHP)

Working group objectives

The following objectives will guide the working group conversations, leading to a best practice guide:
  1. Identify key current and potential future opportunities for specific energy management strategies in CEA.
  2. Recommend implementation pathways for energy management strategies and technology.
  3. Identify partnership areas within CEA for already established strategic energy management programs.

The technical advisory council is composed of leaders in the CEA industry

Our RII membership network is comprised of the following segments

The CEA Accelerator will convene several working groups over the next two years of the project. These working groups will develop best practice guidance available to the public that explore emerging strategies in CEA. The working groups will be held in conjunction with working groups exploring topics related to energy management, AI and robotics, high-tech greenhouse techniques, site feasibility, CEA decarbonization among others.

May | Meeting 1
Challenges and opportunities
June | Meeting 2
Peak reduction and demand response
August | Meeting 3
Onsite generation
September | Meeting 4
Decarbonization and electrification
September | Meeting 5
Decarbonization and electrification
October | Meeting 6
Strategic energy management

Meet The Members

of the Energy Management Working group

Anders Peterson

Pipp Horticulture

Trevor Swanson

Arizona Public Service (APS)

Arian Aghajanzadeh

Berkeley Lab

Bob Gunn


Brian Kammers

Desert Aire

Charles Satish Smith

Epcot Crenshaw

Chieri Kubota

Ohio CEA Center

Chip Seidel

Desert Aire

Clair Hessmer


Crystal Bell

Department of Energy

Dan Edson

Efficiency Vermont

Dick Kramp

AB Gruppo

Joyce Jong

City of Riverside

Kasey Holland

DesignLights Consortium

Ken Garver


Lauren Morlino

Evergreen Consulting Group

Dr. Liping Wang

University of Wyoming

Lonny Peet

Resource Innovations

Louie Krak

Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection

Matthew Meisel

Little Leaf Farms

Mike Zartarian

Zartarian Engineering

Stanley Katongole

Exelon Energy

Tanna Pugh


Thao Chau

California Energy Commission

Tom Stenzel

CEA Allaince

Zach Engel

Cascade Energy

The working group will be led by

Carmen Azzaretti

Resource Innovation Institute

Rory Schmick

Berkeley Lab

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