Resource Innovation Institute

RII empowers growers with trusted tools and resources to support resource efficient decision-making. We build confidence by providing peer-reviewed guidance and curating the most scientifically relevant reports published by governments, utilities, manufacturers, engineers and others.

Cannabis PowerScore

The Cannabis PowerScore is the key to knowledge about the operational fitness of your grow environment. Find out how competitive your facility is by investing 15-20 minutes in a survey that’ll open your mind to the interactive effects of energy, temperature and humidity in each stage of cultivation – and how to maximize energy efficiency while optimizing plant yields, consistency and quality.

No matter your grow method, you can benchmark your energy performance. Go to the Cannabis PowerScore site.

Published Studies

Public reports about resource efficient cannabis cultivation, curated by RII.

US Dept. of Energy Report on Solid State Lighting Energy-Saving Potential in Horticultural Applications
Denver Environmental Health Cannabis Environmental Best Management Practices Guide
Sacramento Municipal Utility District / Amplified Farms Indoor Horticulture Lighting Study
Sacramento Municipal Utility District / SevenLeaves Indoor Horticulture Lighting Study
Boulder County Energy Impact Offset Fund Demand Side Management Study
The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production