RII has assembled a highly qualified, passionately committed team. We value agility, transparency, community and transformation.

Derek Smith

Executive Director & Board Member

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As Executive Director, Derek provides overall leadership and strategic direction. Derek engages RII’s advisory bodies, including the Strategic Advisory Council and Technical Advisory Council Leadership Committees, develops global partnerships and oversees the organization’s policy work.

Before RII, Derek led Clean Energy Works, recognized as one of the most successful American Recovery & Reinvestment Act ("stimulus") programs. He has directed energy programs for the City of Portland, managed operations for a VC-backed start-up and created an award-winning corporate sustainability program for a national retailer. Derek has testified to the US Senate Energy Committee and briefed the US Secretary of Energy.

Derek enjoys playing and listening to a range of music, soccer (especially his hometown Portland Timbers), hiking and travel.

Dulce Dorado

Finance & Human Resources Director

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Dulce Dorado serves as RII’s Finance & HR Manager. As Finance Manager, Dulce monitors RII’s financial health and is responsible for creating the organization’s annual budget. Dulce manages all financial activities and provides direction to the management team. As Human Resources Manager, Dulce serves as the link between RII’s management and its employees, enforcing company policies and practices. She has a passion for ethics and equity and believes having a system of support is crucial for any organization.

Prior to working for RII, she was an accountant for an international California-based company where she helped manage day to day operations and international affairs, later becoming the President’s right-hand and financial advisor. Currently, in addition to working with RII, she holds the position of Controller for a large industrial company in the Pacific Northwest, where she manages finances, oversees accounting departments and human resources in several locations on the West Coast.

Whenever she finds time in her busy schedule, she is looking for the next tasty plant-based restaurant.

Carmen Azzaretti

Project Engineer

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As Project Engineer at RII, Carmen Azzaretti leads sprint cycles and design reviews for the PowerScore resource benchmarking platform, performs analysis for Producer Resource Efficiency Plans, facilitates the Data Working Group of the Technical Advisory Council, manages the RII catalog, and supports live workshops. Azzaretti works with producers to visualize trends in facility Performance Snapshots and create case studies to celebrate excellence in environmental performance.
Azzaretti represents RII on industry committees developing standards for CEA including the ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.2 (Plant and Animal Environments) and Task Group 1 of the UL 3600 Scorecard for Measuring and Reporting Circular Economy Aspects of Products, Sites and Organizations.

Carmen has a mechanical engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. While climbing wind turbines in the mountains of Vermont, she got her certification as a passive house consultant and further cultivated her passion for resource efficiency in the built environment, leading her to RII.

Colorado located, she is training towards competing in disc dog events with her rescue Aussie.

Bryce Carleton

Resource Efficiency Engineer

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As Resource Efficiency Engineer at RII, Bryce Carleton benchmarks controlled environment agriculture facilities with PowerScore and supports curriculum and research activities. Carleton works with producers to visualize trends in facility Performance Snapshots and create case studies to celebrate excellence in environmental performance.

Bryce graduated from University of Vermont where he studied environmental science with a concentration in ecological design. At UVM, Bryce revitalized and was sole caretaker for the Aiken Center Solarium, a study area filled with over 200 plants in the Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources. He received a Gund Institute Undergraduate Research Award for his exploration of how soil composition and native plants can be used to passively treat polluted stormwater runoff and performed research to inform the design of future green stormwater infrastructure best management practices targeting clean water in downstream ecosystems and overall water circularity in urban environments. His love for growing and research to support humans and the environment led him to RII where he creates a sustainable future for producers. His sophomore year at UVM he had heard Gretchen give a guest lecture and to be here at RII is a dream come true.

In his free time, Bryce loves caring for his ever-growing collection of plants, especially his orchids.

Morgan Lesko

Software Developer

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Morgan Lesko codes the PowerScore and supports users through the survey process. He is a lifelong activist and long-time web-based programmer, with 15 years experience using PHP and MySQL. He founded a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at the University of Maryland in 2002, and later volunteered to run SSDP’s national website using his own content management system. For several years, he built and managed youth activism management software with Rescue Social Change Group.