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CEA Footprint Project

An industry-led initiative to standardize the environmental understanding of modern farming methods.

In early 2023, Resource Innovation Institute and leading international greenhouse and indoor farms joined forces to establish agreed-upon methodologies to guide environmental accounting and reporting related to controlled environment agriculture, and how it can be compared to traditional farming.
Throughout 2023 & 2024, the group is meeting to determine how to measure:
Other environmental outcomes
The goals of the initiative are to:
  • Develop an international environmental accounting framework through consensus to enable complete, consistent, ongoing evaluation of modern farming methods
  • Provide tools to enable CEA producers and stakeholders to adopt standardized measurement as put forth by the CEA Footprint Project
  • Advance a broader understanding of the environmental benefits and impacts of CEA at a critical inflection point
Participating companies
Steering Committee

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The outcome of the initiative will be a guide on agricultural environmental accounting and reporting standards for farm operations and other stakeholders.