Case Studies

Harnessing Heat Beneath Your Feet with Radiant Heating Systems

Cannassentials in Eugene, OR uses a radiant heating system to maintain space and soil temperatures in their greenhouse. Radiant hydronic distribution systems are often more efficient than forced-air heating systems because they eliminate energy penalties caused by duct leakage and pressure losses.

Harnessing Heat Beneath Your Feet with Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

High Ridge Farms in Estacada, OR uses a geothermal heat pump system to provide half of their facility’s cooling capacity by using the ground as a heat sink. Geothermal (aka ‘ground source’) heat pumps have some of the highest efficiency ratings and lowest operating costs of any HVAC solution, and can generate both chilled and hot water for use in cooling and heating applications, making them a smart choice for cultivators looking for an all-purpose system.