Utilities and their implementation business partners are asking the same questions in every market featuring indoor cultivation.

  • How much and what types energy are these facilities using?
  • Will this impact my business?
  • Can I get help to reach and serve this new class of customers?

In response, RII joined forces with leading utilities in multiple markets to create a platform that:

  • Enables a unified voice for utility interests
  • Facilitates best practices on program design and grower outreach
  • Provides a mechanism for shared research (e.g., lighting studies)
  • Allows access to subject matter experts in related cultivation, engineering and technology manufacturing

Join the following utilities:

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Tier 2*

$ 1,500

Per Month

Market Intelligence:
  • Quarterly Resource Benchmarking Report
  • Monthly updates on legislative activities
  • HVAC & Lighting Best Practices Guides (free digital version)
  • Utility Program Development & Market Engagement Best Practices Guide (free digital version)
Tools & Resources
  • 2 seats on PowerScore Pro – benchmarking on all energy, water, waste KPIs
  • PowerScore client dashboard
  • Aggregate data access – North America
Thought Leadership & Recognition
  • Efficient Yields sponsorship dollars can be applied to membership upgrade
  • Nominated for Technical Advisory Council (TAC)
  • Social media shout-out
  • Logo on website (Tier 2)

Founders Circle*

$ 5,000

Per Month

(Tier 2 benefits plus…)

Market Intelligence:
  • Policy engagement
Tools & Resources
  • 3 seats on PowerScore Pro with project support
  • Aggregate data access – state + climate zone
  • HVAC, Lighting & Utility Best Practices Guides (discounted printed versions)
Thought Leadership and Recognition
  • Newsletter profile
  • Logo on website (3rd position)


$ 10,000

Per Month

(Founders Circle benefits plus…)

Market Intelligence:
  • Quarterly Government, Utility & Stakeholder Report
Tools & Resources
  • 4 seats on PowerScore Pro with filters – canopy + techniques
  • PowerScore Pro custom analysis (5 hours)
  • Best Practices Guides (free printed versions)
Thought Leadership and Recognition
  • Utility Working Group
  • 1 TAC Working Group
  • Advanced website & Efficient Yields exposure

Sustaining Partner*

$ 25,000

Per Month

(Cornerstone benefits plus…)

Market Intelligence:
  • Special reports by equipment type
Tools & Resources
  • 5+ seats on PowerScore Pro with custom analysis (10 hours)
Thought Leadership and Recognition
  • 3 TAC Working Groups
  • Premier website & Efficient Yields exposure

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  • Network access

  • Newsletter

  • Site recognition

  • Free entrance to Efficient Yields events

  • Cannabis PowerScore Insights

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