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If you have an interest in shaping an energy and water efficient future for cannabis, we welcome your membership in Resource Innovation Institute.

Member benefits

Resource Innovation Institute

When you join RII, you’re joining an active network of growers and service professionals who are collaborating to exchange information and best practices on resource efficient cannabis cultivation.

Along with our valuable network, when you join you will receive:

Drive down your costs by accessing RII members-only discounts on everything from energy services (from solar to co-gen), construction materials, security systems, nutrients, media and more. Our goal is to help growers of all types and sizes maximize profits so you can reinvest savings into efficient techniques and technologies.
Advance your craft and gain confidence in running your cannabis operation or construction project more efficiently. Assess your operational performance relative to industry benchmarks. Connect with our expert network at education and networking events, and in online forums. Keep sharp via curated content from RII’s library of best practices events, peer-reviewed guidance documents and case studies of leading facilities.
Demonstrate your industry leadership. Wear the RII Member badge that says you’re playing your part in creating a better cannabis future.


Standard Annual Membership


Get an immediate ROI with a $250 initial credit
from Growers House that you can use on any item in stock, along with preferred purchasing discounts.

Gain free access to Growers Network,
including RII’s members-only discussion forum where you can privately ask for advice about how to improve the resource efficiency of your operation

Guarantee your attendance at RII’s popular events,
led by growers and featuring subject matter experts


Premier Membership


Get all benefits of Tier 1 /
Standard Membership, plus:

Pay yourself back on your first order with significant discounts on critical construction and power systems 
Save on thousands of construction items, including security systems, equipment and more, with 10% off from GrayBar.

Power your way to a more efficient operation with site-specific energy savings modeling and financing strategies from AgCurrent. RII members get a custom review of solar, CHP, battery storage and efficient technologies that make sense on your property, including how to pay for them via the savings they generate, for only $2,500.



  • Receive the highest level of member recognition
  • Get direct support connecting to our network and resources
  • Gain knowledge with detailed Cannabis PowerScore data analytics
  • Shape our policy agenda
  • Be considered for our Technical Advisory Committee
  • Offer an RII members-only discount or benefit





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