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Technical Advisory Council

The Technical Advisory Council (TAC) of Resource Innovation Institute is advisory to RII’s Board of Directors.

By charter, the Technical Advisory Council is an objective, multidisciplinary venue where all voices are heard. Horticultural best practices emerge out of professional and effective facilitation by the RII team.

Guides the development of standards
Shapes tools and resources to support best practices
Topics under consideration include:

  • AI & Advanced Robotics
  • Climate Control
  • Energy Management
  • CHP Integration
  • Site Feasibility
  • Decarbonization
  • Dutch Knowledge Transfer
Advocates for informed policies, incentives and regulations

New working groups will be launching in 2024

Qualified parties are encouraged to express interest at:

Please include qualifications, references and relevant project information.

CEA Leadership Committee

Active TAC Working Groups

Controls & Automation
Working Group

Water Circularity
Working Group