We Cultivate Knowledge

Resource Innovation Institute hosts virtual and in-person educational events to share best practices for resource efficiency with cannabis cultivators and their project teams.

Our Efficient Yields Cultivation Workshops bring together growers and supply chain experts.

We facilitate larger technical multi-stakeholder gatherings, like our Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions conference, to build community and consensus.

We are thought leaders at cannabis, utility and policy conferences, such as ACEEE‘s Summer Study and MJ Bizcon.

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Events and Conferences

Online Workshops
Best Practices on Energy Efficient Cultivation
RSVP: HVAC Best Practices, Sep. 15
Online Workshop
Best Practices on Energy Efficient Cultivation
RSVP: Cultivation Facility Design & Optimization, Spring 2021
Best Practices on Energy Efficient Cultivation
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Build community at our Efficient Yields cultivation workshops

There is nothing like RII’s Efficient Yields Cultivation Workshops. Led by cannabis cultivators, thick with technical content, the educational value exists nowhere else. Our events are cost-effective, enabling attendance by growers, production team members, owners/operators and design and construction partners.

Efficient Yields workshops feature leading cultivators and knowledgeable experts from the supply chain, yet are never pay-to-play. RII always provides commercial-free venues where everyone takes part in dialogues that are shaping industry best practices for resource efficient cultivation.

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