More Work on Waste on Horizon

RII was recently asked to participate in the Sustainability & Science/Policy Work Group meeting focused on regulations addressing packing and waste associated with cannabis products in Colorado.

Executive Director Derek Smith attended the August 11 meeting and was encouraged by the State of Colorado’s leadership in promoting cannabis sustainability and the broad stakeholder engagement. RII strongly believes that good policy is rooted in being well-informed by industry professionals versed in the industrial processes of cultivating and processing cannabis. One policy approach discussed suggested that “present trichomes” be the determinant of plant waste material that should be directed toward the landfill so that non-THC stalks and fibers can be diverted to composting channels.

RII aims to increase its engagement in waste-related issues. Its Cannabis PowerScore benchmarking platform is now gathering data to provide accurate waste benchmarks for governments and key performance indicators for industry. RII will soon initiate a Policy Working Group to provide guidance to states on energy, water and waste.