Tighten your belt to ensure survival and reduce operating costs today and beyond


The president of an RII member company that manufactures cultivation HVAC equipment recently let us know that during the downtime presented by coronavirus, they have taken the opportunity to upgrade to highly efficient LED solutions for their business’ offices. An especially enticing reason to do the project now: his electric utility came to him with an attractive financial incentive for the energy savings. By replacing fluorescent lighting, their utility covered half the upfront cost of hundreds of LED fixtures.

After incentives, the ROI of their LED office lighting project worked out to less than a year. 

This is a scenario that may be playing out in your local economy right now. As businesses fight for survival in the face of COVID-19, those that take advantage of energy efficiency program opportunities to gain support in cutting cost structures will come out of this downturn stronger. 

Cultivators, reach out to your utilities now to learn how you can tighten your belt and get some green for being lean. 

At RII, as we observe the cannabis marketplace reeling yet again now from an unforeseen external force, we remain steadfast in setting cultivators up for success by bringing peer-reviewed guidance and tools that help businesses maximize profit. 

Our next free and online educational event is on May 5. We invite Massachusetts cultivators to join us for our Efficient Yields Cultivation Workshop on Competing and Complying Through Efficiency just for Commonwealth growers, who are not only dealing with the pandemic and new energy requirements, but also facing part of their market being deemed non-essential.

Lean into getting lean. Come through stronger. Join RII.