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October 17, 2017

Making it easy to compare grower performance on efficient use of energy

We’re at the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium in Denver this week to launch the beta version of our Cannabis PowerScore™. The PowerScore is a self-audit tool we’re developing to help growers compare their energy performance relative to like producers. Technical Advisory Committee members Brandy from Surna, Michael from Denver Water, and Keith from Desert Aire.Technical Advisory…
March 20, 2017

Drain Or Reclaim? How To Prepare For Impending Water Regulations

As regulations on cannabis cultivation facilities come into shape, municipalities will continue to further investigate power, water, and nutrient use in the industry. Working with experienced engineers and consultants, sourcing the optimal equipment, and scrutinizing all essential inputs will ensure the most efficient cannabis production facility as possible. Many operation managers and municipalities have not…
February 6, 2017

Resource Efficiency And Why Cannabis Investors Should Care About It

Every cannabis conference I have been to in the last year has featured content on energy and water efficiency, or sustainability more broadly. It is a growing theme in cannabis, particularly in cultivation where energy accounts for one of the largest costs of production and we are completely reliant on a good, clean, long term…
January 29, 2017

A New Generation: Jesce Horton And Panacea Valley Gardens

Jesce Horton is a new breed of cultivator. Not a grower steeped for years in the underground cannabis world or a suit-and-tie convert from the corporate world, Horton is part of a new generation of young professionals bringing specialized skills into the cannabis industry. Prior to becoming a professional cannabis cultivator, Horton worked in a…