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Jonathan Eisenberg, Partner in Tress Capital, Joins Resource Innovation Institute Board of Directors

By June 30, 2021July 1st, 2021No Comments

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 30, 2021)—Jonathan Eisenberg, a Partner in Tress Capital, has joined the Board of  Directors of Resource Innovation Institute (RII) as the non-profit gears up to provide cultivation  operations with services related to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) performance.

Eisenberg brings over 25 years’ experience in supporting carbon credits sustainability programs, water  conservation, energy efficiency and waste diversion economics to the RII Board of Directors. At Tress  Capital, Eisenberg focuses on the Tress mission of creating economic and social impact through  responsible strategic investment in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) sectors.

“RII is thrilled to bring Jonathan onto our Board. He brings investment depth and over two decades of  expertise that will help inform and guide our work, especially as it relates to ESG, now an important  measure of success for CEA producers,” says Derek Smith, RII Executive Director. “Jonathan’s  appointment comes as RII supports jurisdictions with policy guidance and cultivation operations with  benchmarking services using PowerScore, our trusted, vetted and secure facility benchmarking platform  that measures energy, emissions, water and waste performance relative to industry-standard KPIs.”

“Based on aggregating individual site data into anonymized CEA industry benchmarking metrics,  investors and producers can now answer the call for credible ESG benchmark reporting.” says Eisenberg.  “RII is a leading non-profit organization, and the PowerScore is a highly secure platform that operates at  a HIPPA compliant level of data confidentiality. I’m excited to join the Board and support the market  adoption of the PowerScore as a means to measure and manage CEA performance relative to industry  peers.”

Eisenberg is a former Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region for Citicorp Capital, and by appointment of  Citigroup, served as a Board member for several listed and unlisted companies. Over his career,  Eisenberg has filed patents on online fractional plant monitoring and on using molecular bio markers for  use in cannabis breath diagnostics; was a Co-Founder of an industrial hemp processing company  converting hemp waste stalks into commercial products; advised Agilyx, the global leader in diverting  low-value plastics from landfills into industrial uses; was a Director of a 180,000 square-foot zero  discharge (living machine) aquaculture facility where fish waste fed bacteria to create clean water; was a  Director of a battery monitoring company that partnered with NASA on lithium battery state-of-health  monitoring devices in service at utilities in CA and in the Mid-West; advised MBL, one of the largest solar  installation companies in California; advised the City of Bayannur in Inner Mongolia on an ethanol  project using sorghum; advised (in partnership with Owens Corning) the City of Urumqi, Xinjiang China  on an energy efficiency city plan in line with the Kyoto Protocol; and was an Analyst for the US Foreign  Commercial Service at the US Consulate in Shanghai to research 10 Sino-Foreign JVs on foreign  technology transfers to China.

Eisenberg has an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and has received New  York State Workforce Development certifications as an Energy Efficiency Building Analyst and on PV  (Solar) System Installations. Eisenberg currently serves as Chairman of Grownetics (,  a Tress Capital portfolio company serving large scale cultivators with sensor networks and AI driven  quality and yield gains from big data analytics.

About Resource Innovation Institute: Resilient harvests for the next hundred years.

Resource Innovation Institute is a non-profit organization committed to cultivating a better future for all  of humanity. Our consortium of members brings perspectives from across the field—uniting architects  and engineers, growers and operators, researchers and analysts. Together, we lead the measurement,  adoption and celebration of the world’s most efficient agricultural ideas. Founded in 2016 to advise  governments, utilities and industry leaders on the resource impacts of cannabis cultivation, an under studied and resource-intensive market, we have since extended our research to other sectors in  partnership with the US Department of Agriculture. To take on the challenges of our changing world, we  believe that food, medicine and other vital crops demand data-driven insights, securely shared with  integrity. By nurturing the human connections in our complex and dynamic industry, we can build  fundamentally restorative systems for people and planet. Visit our website at  Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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