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Since 2017, PowerScore has served cultivators with facility performance benchmarks providing key performance indicators (KPIs)  for energy, water, and waste efficiency and productivity for outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor cannabis operations using one year of self-reported resource consumption and production data entered into the PowerScore Grow survey. 

In 2020, RII deployed PowerScore Comply for Massachusetts cultivators to use for the energy and water reporting aspect of licensure applications and renewals. This year RII also launched PowerScore Pro, which enhances performance benchmarks by analyzing them as portfolios for dashboard reporting and competitive comparisons against the Ranked Data Set, creating value for multi-site producers, supply chain partners, utilities, and investors. As part of the PowerScore Pro launch, we expanded the KPIs calculated for performance benchmark reports to include non-electric energy KPIs measuring facility energy efficiency in kBtu per square foot of flowering canopy and facility energy productivity in grams of dry cannabis flower per kBtu of annual energy use. Performance benchmark reports now also include a new water productivity KPI of grams per gallon that has been used for the analysis in the Cannabis Water Report

In early 2021, RII will debut several new PowerScore enhancements and seek to standardize our KPIs to the metric system. The Data Working Group will be an invaluable part of this effort and provide crucial peer review.

  • PowerScore Flow
    • New, speedy survey for only water efficiency & productivity KPIs
  • PowerScore Grow
    • New, speedy survey for only electric efficiency & productivity KPIs
  • PowerScore Pro
    • Two new energy-related emissions KPIs for efficiency and productivity
      • kg CO2e per square meter flowering canopy
      • Grams of dry cannabis per kg CO2e
    • New waste productivity KPI  (grams dry cannabis per kg of different types of waste)
  • PowerScore Grow and Pro
    • Plan expansion of survey and new efficiency and productivity KPIs to include non-cannabis crops