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In January 2021, RII launched the Emissions Working Group (EWG) of the Technical Advisory Council to standardize the methodology for quantifying emissions associated with indoor agriculture, determine data the market needs to understand the emissions impacts and benefits of controlled environment agriculture, and motivate the industry to utilize low-carbon approaches across a range of cultivation methods and geographies to increase resilience and reduce vulnerability. EWG members include researchers, state energy officials, energy code commissions, and utility efficiency program implementers.

PowerScore has benchmarked solid waste key performance indicators since 2018, and in early 2021, RII launched a new emissions indicator for energy-associated greenhouse gases (measured in kg CO2e). These KPIs enable RII to produce crop-specific emissions reports.

Through the contributions of the EWG the latest PowerScore update, releasing next week, contains additions to natural gas emissions KPIs that factor in the quality of regional gas supply. At the latest EWG meeting, RII presented the latest developments in standards organizations developing circular economy scoring methodologies and attendees voted on the next emissions KPIs for RII to baseline using PowerScore.

Understand more about the emissions impacts of cannabis facilities in the upcoming issue of The Benchmark, RII’s members-only report sharing insights from PowerScore and the Technical Advisory Council.