New PowerScore Service Launched for Massachusetts Cultivators

As of July 1, Massachusetts cannabis cultivators can use a unique portal of RII’s
Cannabis PowerScore to easily report, benchmark, and improve performance of their greenhouses and indoor facilities. The upgrades were funded by Massachusetts Dept. of Energy Resources in coordination with the Cannabis Control Commission’s specification of the PowerScore for reporting.

RII will offer two pathways for Massachusetts Marijuana Cultivators. The first, PowerScore Comply, allows users to simply comply with energy and water reporting requirements. The second, PowerScore Comply & Benchmark, enables them to comply while also learning about and improving their performance toward a more resource-efficient and profitable facility. Visit our new PowerScore home page to learn how RII serves different segments of the market with our resource benchmarking services.

Our June Efficient Yields Cultivation Workshop “Competing and Complying through Efficiency” was designed exclusively for Massachusetts cultivators and will preview these new tools. In this first of our three-part workshop series for Commonwealth cultivators, we reviewed Massachusetts energy regulations and best practices, chatted with local and national cultivators about their lessons learned using efficiency as a way to succeed in the market, and interacted directly with the state’s utilities about incentives and technical assistance that can help cultivators maximize their efficiency. Massachusetts cultivators were invited to join a round table discussion with Massachusetts-based, nationally-recognized design, construction and operations experts who highlighted regulatory requirements and feature critical tips on energy efficiency and renewable energy.