RII’s Best Practices Guides Help Cultivators and Construction Partners Communicate More Effectively on Technical Terms and Concepts


Modern horticulture continues to change rapidly because of technological advances. And cultivators of all kinds — and especially those who grow cannabis — are faced with an ever-growing list of technical terms and acronyms describing the operating parameters of their grow environments.

Staying abreast of these technical concepts is daunting enough. Unfortunately, though, many of these ideas and terms expressed between growers and construction partners often are misunderstood or — even worse — misapplied. Contractors, engineers, architects and even other cultivators might all use the same technical terms in different ways, leading to confusion on the part of both growers and facilities professionals.

As a result, many growers in today’s cannabis space aren’t sure where to turn for trustworthy guidance on the technical aspects applicable to their facilities and needs. This uncertainty is amplified during the planning phase of indoor grow operations, when cultivators especially need to understand the minimum performance requirements of the equipment they purchase.

Resource Innovation Institute is helping by advancing efforts for cultivators and their construction partners to better understand these terms and to use them effectively in communicating with one another. With guidance from members of its Technical Advisory Council, RII is defining common terms and explaining them in more detail so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the concepts that address energy and resource efficiency in controlled growing environments.