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Updated: Apr 9
For Immediate Release:
Resource Innovation Institute is drawing on a range of stakeholders to develop consensus-based energy, carbon and water standards to guide cannabis production and technology development

Portland, Oregon – January 16, 2016 – The Resource Innovation Institute (RII), whose mission is to promote and quantify energy and water conservation in the cannabis industry, has appointed a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to guide the development of energy and water standards for the cannabis industry, according to RII executive director Derek Smith.

The list of TAC members, representing the US, Holland and Israel, can be found here.
The TAC is advisory to the RII Board and will perform the following functions:

  • Determine draft measurement criteria for energy and water consumption in cannabis production. These metrics will then be made available for public comment and will ultimately form the basis for collecting standardized producer data.
  • Curate market-supporting tools such as the Competitive Facility Checklist, a guide to energy and water efficient cannabis production, which will become available to RII members in March.
  • Develop energy and water standards to guide the industry toward resource efficient production.

TAC membership is comprised of technical specialists with expertise in the following areas:

  • Cultivation
  • Horticulture science
  • Utility planning and evaluation
  • Resource efficient technology
  • Facility design, construction and maintenance
  • Water conservation
  • Environmental engineering
  • Certification system design
  • “We convene industry leaders to promote best practices, achieve conservation outcomes and enhance the reputation of the cannabis industry,” Smith said. “We appreciate these global cannabis leaders who are stepping forward from a variety of geographies and disciplines to help us advance a resource efficient future for the industry.”

The Technical Advisory Council will meet in mid-February to begin its work.
The Resource Innovation Institute (RII) promotes and quantifies energy and water conservation in the cannabis industry. As an objective, research-based, non-profit partner, we help the legal cannabis sector achieve sustainability outcomes, advance constructive industry oversight and generate increased profitability and market differentiation. We fulfill our mission by curating venues for the exchange and validation of best practices among producers, manufacturers, utilities, design and construction professionals, and policymakers.

Please contact Derek Smith, Executive Director, at 503.201.5157 and Derek@ResourceInnovationInstitute.orgfor more information.