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RII to Share Insights at MJBizCon NEXT About Cannabis PowerScore

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Resource Efficiency Vital for Cannabis Grow Organization to be Profitable; Data Aggregation Tools like PowerScore to Support Growers


Portland, Ore. (June 3, 2019)—In today’s increasingly competitive cannabis industry, efficiency—including energy, water and waste—is no longer a luxury. It’s increasingly becoming a requirement. And you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Now Resource Innovation Institute (RII)—a non-profit organization establishing cannabis industry standards and incentives that drive conservation—will host an interactive exhibit on the Expo Floor at MJBizCon NEXT in New Orleans June 12-14. As part of MJBizCon Daily’s Industry Giveback program, the RII Booth (#125) will provide expo attendees an opportunity to interact with the PowerScore and assess their cultivation operation’s environmental footprint.

“The MJBiz Giveback Program has really helped Resource Innovation Institute bring together industry leaders to collaborate for a brighter cannabis future,” noted Derek Smith, Executive Director of RII. “Because of the investment through MJBiz’ Giveback program, RII has been able to advise governments, utilities and industry leaders on how energy is being used and how resource efficiency can be driven into the industry.”

RII has been recognized and supported by MJBizCon Daily’s Industry Giveback program, under the Sustainability and Community Development category. From green initiatives to responsible use and behavior, the evolving cannabis industry has a critical opportunity to set positive guidelines that will impact decades of business standards.

Cannabis PowerScore data insights can help all stakeholders in the grow environment better understand the way cultivation assets can have a direct effect on any organization’s bottom line. By identifying energy and water footprints, as well as an organization’s place in competitive rankings, Cannabis PowerScore, along with RII’s peer-reviewed guidance, can highlight efficiencies that will better drive profits. Equally important, the Cannabis PowerScore tool can identify low-performing operations and prioritize actions based on ROI, all while promoting standardization for quality and consistency.

Hundreds of cultivation operations across the United States and Canada have already participated in RII’s Cannabis PowerScore survey, which benchmarks and aggregates power consumption data across a range of grow environments, climate zones and geographies to determine the most resource efficient approaches to cannabis cultivation.

Measuring is key in the effort to reduce cannabis energy impacts, and RII encourages cultivators to see where they stand by participating in the Cannabis PowerScore at

MJBizCon NEXT is a leading cannabusiness conference bringing together thousands of industry innovators disrupting the cannabis space and hundreds of exhibitors representing all facets of the cannabis industry to share ideas and display cutting-edge technologies. Attendance can lead to new opportunities, partnerships, investments and jobs in the cannabis industry. MJBizCon NEXT is being held in New Orleans June 12-14.

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About Resource Innovation Institute
As an objective nonprofit organization, Resource Innovation Institute (RII) quantifies the natural resource impacts of regulated cannabis and points the way to an efficient industry future through tools such as the Cannabis PowerScore. The Cannabis PowerScore is a brief survey that helps cultivators find ways to maximize resource efficiency while optimizing plant yields, consistency and quality. RII serves its grower members by supporting them to make resource-efficient cultivation decisions. In addition, we help stakeholders, governments and utilities make sense of the resource impacts of cannabis, its integration into communities, and how to productively solve real-time, resource-related market challenges. Through events such as RII’s Efficient Yields grower-led workshop series, we create venues for the exchange of education and best practices with a focus on establishing industry standards that drive conservation and sustainability. Together, we are building a brighter cannabis future. Visit our website at

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