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One common misconception among cannabis cultivators is that to grow a quality plant indoors, you need to use the long-held industry standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. As a result, long-time cultivators have often shied away from the more energy-efficient Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) when establishing their operations.

However, efficient lighting solutions are progressing at a rapid pace, due in large part to the explosion of growth in the cannabis industry. Technologies have advanced to the point where LED offerings are among the most competitive lighting solutions for indoor cultivation.

The Resource Innovation Institute (RII) recently brought together leading cultivators, lighting manufacturers and engineers to develop an objective, peer-reviewed informational pamphlet titled “Cultivating Cannabis with LED Lighting – A Primer: What You Need to Know.” The report is available for free download at The purpose of this document is to support cultivators and operators in making informed decisions related to purchasing and applying the most efficient cultivation lighting currently available.

The LED Lighting Primer provides an overview of the benefits of LED lighting and relevant horticultural terms, how operations can be adjusted upon switching to LED lighting, common pitfalls to avoid, how to identify high-quality lighting solutions, and where to find financial incentives available to cultivators who are looking to integrate LEDs into their cannabis enterprise. Later this year, RII will publish a best practices guide on cultivating with LED lighting.

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